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Goose Fever 2021

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An epic opening start to the 2021/22 inland Duck and Goose season.
A huge thanks to Chris for helping to get us in the right place etc.
Dewayne from the washwildfowler Fieldsports YouTube Channel spending several days watching and planning the morning. Shame he didn’t put a little more thought into his kit the morning of the shoot.

I hope to be out with Dewayne again soon on a duck flight, so please make sure you subscribe for more content like this if you enjoyed it.

All of the meat harvested has been made in to burgers, jerky or dog food. So nothing has been wasted. Dewayne has some footage of this on his channel. So head over the Dewaynes channel here:

I have also been out on the Rats, and Foxes so have plenty of footage to share.

To help continue supporting this channel, check out the Team Foxer Amazon page here:
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